Yanan (Yaya) Guo

Hi there! I am currently a PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh, working with my advisor Dr. Jun Yang in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. I graduated from Xidian University in 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

My research interests lie in computer architecture and cybersecurity, with a focus on the following areas:
Microarchitectural side channels.
Memory encryption and authentication.
Memory exploits and defenses.

Research Highlights:
HW: Cache Coherence Attacks [Oakland'22]
HW: Cache Conflict Attacks [MICRO'22]
HW: Uncore Frequency Scaling Attacks [MICRO'23]
SW: GPU ROP Attacks [USENIX Seurity'24]

I will join the University of Rochester as an assistant professor in Fall 2024.

Contact Info


1113 Benedum Hall


Recent News

06/2024: Our paper on GPU memory corruption attacks is accepted to USENIX Security'24.
04/2024: Our paper on memory safety protection is accepted to ICS'24.
03/2024: Our paper on GPU side channels is accepted to USENIX Security'24.
09/2023: I will be serving on the Program Committee for SEED'24, please consider to submit!
07/2023: Two papers are accepted to MICRO'23.
04/2023: Our paper on defending adversarial attacks is accepted to ICML'23.
02/2023: Our paper has been selected as TC Featured Paper of the Month.
12/2022: I gave a talk on side channel attacks at Southeast University.
09/2022: Our paper on defending bit flip attacks is accepted to IEEE Transactions on Computers.
07/2022: Our paper on way-conflict based cache attacks is accepted to MICRO'22.
06/2022: The code of adversarial prefetch is available on github now.
05/2022: Started an internship at NVIDIA, will be working on offensive hardware security research.
03/2022: Our paper on data prefetching based cache side channel attacks is accepted to S&P'22.
02/2022: Our paper on attacking the adaptive line control systems is accepted to AutoSec'22.