1. Leaky Hardware: Side Channel Attacks on Modern Processors

  2. Adversarial Prefetch: New Cross-Core Cache Side Channel Attacks
    -Top Picks in Hardware and Embedded Security 2023

  3. Cache Side Channel Attacks on Modern Processors
    -Southeast University
    -University of Pittsburgh

  4. Leaky Way: A Conflict-Based Cache Covert Channel Bypassing Set Associativity

  5. Adversarial Attacks on DNN-based Adaptive Cruise Control Systems

  6. Prefetch-Based Cache Side Channel Attacks

  7. Q-GPU: A Recipe of Optimizations for Quantum Circuit Simulation Using GPUs

  8. ModelShield: A Generic and Portable Framework Extension for Defending Bit-Flip based Adversarial Weight Attacks

  9. Performance-Enhanced Integrity Verification for Large Memories

  10. IVcache: Defending Cache Side Channel Attacks via Invisible Accesses